Playlist House of Hip Hop Radio (vrijdag 04-11-2011)

Laatste Update: november 5, 2011
Ghost Sluwe TV538 3

Playlist House of Hip Hop Radio (vrijdag 04-11-2011)

Eerste uur:
Torae – That Raw
Fat Joe ft. Jadakiss & Dre – Dopeman
The Beatnuts ft. Big Pun & Cuban Link – Off the Books
DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – BAP
Immortal Technique ft. Vinnie Paz, Styles P & Poison Pen – Black Vikings
The Roots ft. Big K.R.I.T. – Make My
Freddie Gibbs – Let Em Burn
Classic van de week: Jay-Z – Can’t Knock the Hustle
Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Young Zee & Pacewon – Design In Malice
MED – Blaxican
Reef The Lost Cauze – Black Opz
Blacastan – The dice life
Royce da 59 ft. Busta Rhymes – Dinner time

Tweede uur:
State Property – 666
M.O.P. – Get yours
Steen ft. Ciph Barker & Reggy Lines – Dorst
Non Phixion – Black Helicopters
Thun – Chokehold
Mobb Deep ft. Bounty Killer – Dead Man’s Shoes
Marq Spekt & Kno – All Smiles (Plastic Mask)
Willie The Kid – The Guilt
Internetbanger: DJ Premier ft. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra – Regeneration
Nickelus F – Love Me
Hasan Salaam – 1911
Al Shid ft. Huggy Bear – Fight Club
DMX – Who we be
Osdorp Posse- Hardcore Blijft


House Of Hip Hop Radio is iedere vrijdag tussen 21:00 & 23:00 uur te beluisteren via 538Juize. Of terug te luisteren wanneer het jou uitkomt via de volgende link:



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